Viewing the worldfrom a different perspective

Aerial filming offers you the ability to show locations in a completely different light. With the use of drones you can achieve results which would otherwise require the hire of a helicopter or airplane – a very expensive and time consuming process – together with a cameraman and all his equipment.

Our drones are very portable and can be transported to practically any site. They are equipped with MFT sensors similar in size to ground based DSLR cameras and like their ground based counterparts they allow the use of different focal length lenses (most consumer drones have fixed focal length lenses). This together with the 3 way gimbal stabilisation ensure that we always capture silky smooth 4K footage, even in moderate winds.

We are PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and also qualified to fly night operations. We are available to work all over Scotland and Northern England and have full Public Liability Insurance, up to £10 million (Flock Cover, underwritten by Allianz).

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